We are Corban and Mandy: Central Florida Wedding Videographers

Everyones story is unique. Ours begins when we were introduced by a mutual friend. It took Corban a really long time to work up the nerve to ask Mandy out, but lo and behold, she said yes! And that wasn't the last time she'd answer "yes" to Corban's questions.

God has blessed us in so many ways, and sharing each other's lives brings us so much joy. As wedding videographers serving the Central Florida area, we love telling the story of two people who are willing to devote themselves to each other, and in doing so, become so much more than the sum of their parts. It is our supreme privilege and honor to capture that sacred relationship at one of its most pivotal moments - your wedding.

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Hi, it's Corban. Let me tell you about my wife. Mandy can do pretty much anything. She makes the best chicken and dumplings, provides a fantastic pillow when marathoning The Office on Netflix, and has a heart that can out do Mother Teresa. Fluffy animals are her favorite, but she likes all the others too.

Her passion is to help people, and she does that through communication and storytelling. Mandy has a background in marketing, but I introduced her to cinematography and she fell in love. Her fresh perspective and unhindered ideas bring a welcome vibrancy to every story we tell.

She shoots or co-shoots most of the videos, and edits most of our highlight films. She is also pretty much in charge of colors and style, and, of course, marketing (and has been known to veto my choice of outfit on occasion).

Photo credit: Bumby Photography


Hey guys! It's Mandy here. Corban has been passionate about visual storytelling since he can remember.  As soon as he was old enough, he began gravitating towards anything that had to do with a camera or computer.

By the time he was 16, he was leading his church's camera crew. Experience at a TV station, film school, film sets, and, of course, wedding videography have given him ample opportunities to develop his talent and love for video.

When he's not behind a camera, he often forces me to watch cheesy sci-fi movies with him (although we mostly just watch The Office, to be honest) and begs to go to Chipotle for every meal we eat. He also likes to sing songs that he makes up on the spot. 

Corban shoots or co-shoots everything, and he edits most of our full-length films. He's also in charge of the technical aspect of our projects, handling all fine details of our gear and data management. 

Photo credit: Bumby Photography

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