What is included with your base packages?

All of our base packages include:

  • Personal attention in the planning of your video services
  • A videographer and all professional-grade gear necessary to capture your video
  • A highlight film of your day with voice over clips of your vows and/or toasts
  • A~30 second social media trailer
  • Digital delivery in an online format, able to be easily downloaded to your computer and compatible with social media

The main differences between all the packages is the amount of time that we spend filming, the number of videographers, the length of your final highlight film, and the "End to End" videos that are included (toasts, ceremony, reception formals).  

What are payment terms?

We ask for half of the total of your services as a non-refundable deposit to hold your date. The rest will be due when you receive your finished film(s). Some weddings may be eligible for a monthly payment plan. Let us know if that is something you're interested in!

Can I get the raw/unedited video?

Unfortunately no, we don't provide any material other than the finished films that are described in your wedding video agreement. This is for legal, privacy, and branding reasons. 

How long will it take to get my finished film(s)?

We will always deliver within one month of your wedding day, and sometimes sooner!  

Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely! Although we are based out of Orlando, we are certainly willing to travel outside of Central Florida. If your venue is further than 100mi round trip from us, travel expenses will be added to your total fee. Contact us for more details on pricing!

If we booked you, what videographer will actually be at the wedding?

You will be getting the people who made the videos online - Mandy and/or Corban. Sometimes we bring other crew members, depending especially on what packages or add-ons you choose. But one or both of us is always there, shooting and directing, and we both have an equal part in your edit process. What you see on our site is what you will get!

"Highlight film"? What's that?

Your highlight film is all the best, most touching, and most important moments from your day, played to music. Think of it almost as a music video or a montage. It's not a simple, continuous shot that's rolling the whole time, but rather an artful, moving, stylistic representation of the event of your lifetime. We edit together the most beautiful and memorable moments so you can cherish your favorite parts of your big day forever. Depending on your package, it will be between 4 and 8 minutes long once its delivered to you.

What about the toasts? What about what happens during the ceremony?

The Ceremony and Toasts are not included in the Highlight Film in their entirety, although we will definitely use bits and pieces of those elements. We do offer videos of ceremony and toasts in full, and those are included in most of our packages. The entire ceremony is included in most of our packages.

How will the ceremony/toasts be recorded? Is it just one angle the whole time?

We place several cameras around the ceremony space, each getting a different view of the action. We are also filming with two other cameras as well, moving around and getting the most important and interesting shots. We then cut all of that together, using the audio recorded from the DJ as a base that we then lay other shots over. Toasts are similarly recorded, from different angels. You end up with your ceremony or toasts in their entirety, cutting between different camera angles for the best shots.

What if I have something that I really want covered but I'm unsure if it will be?

Let us know! Tell us what you want to see in your finished video(s) or if there's something unique about your day you want to make sure we capture. We will help you select the perfect package and be sure that we get the shots the day of.

Where is my DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, laserdisc...?

Initial delivery of your highlight video is by an online, web compatible media player. These files will be hosted indefinitely. We typically do not deliver any physical product, such as a Blu Ray or Flash Drive, because Florida Law requires us to charge sales tax if we do. Instead, most of our brides choose to download their film and burn it themselves if they'd like a physical copy, as this is more cost effective.

I like what I see in your portfolio, I want to book! What do I do?

Fill out the form on our Contact Us page, and we will respond shortly! After you've chosen a package and confirmed you'd like to book, we'll send you an agreement. Just sign and send back to us with your deposit, and you're booked!

What if I change my mind? What if my wedding date moves?

You can cancel at any time for any reason, but your deposit is non-refundable. If your date moves, and our team is available on your new date, your deposit will apply to the new date. If we are not available, unfortunately that will count as a cancellation.

Can you do a slideshow for me to play during the reception?

We don't do slideshows, but we do recommend www.animoto.com. They automate the slideshow process. You give them pictures and music, and they put a show together for you in minutes. If you absolutely want a personal touch, ask about our freelance editing rates.

Can you re-edit something for me?

It depends on what it is. Your satisfaction is our utmost goal. However, depending on the request, additional editing may incur additional charges. We will always let you know before hand if that is the case.

Are you insured? 

We are! We carry one million USD general liability insurance, which is plenty for almost all venues. 

Is there any sound in the video to capture vows or any other moments? How do you ensure the quality of the video sound?

Depending on your package, we bring wireless mics to mic up the officiant, and if you have someone running sound at the ceremony/reception we do our best to get a feed from them. 

Do you bring lighting, or do I need to arrange a lighting specialist and coordinate with you?

We bring lights that fit onto our cameras, but we try not to use them unless we really need to for fear of distracting guests while we're shooting during the reception. With outdoor ceremonies it's not really necessary, and the cocktail hour and the reception are usually sufficiently lit up by either your DJ or a separate vendor. However, if you'd rather hire a separate vendor for lights, we can recommend some to you. 

How do you coordinate with the photographer on the day of?

We touch base with the photographer as soon as we arrive and do our best to communicate with them throughout the day to ensure everyone is getting the best shots possible. We'll always work with the photographer and not against them, because at the end of the day we are both working toward the same goal - a beautiful capture of your day!